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This is the official website and webshop of the MAG brand, where you can buy online the complete MAG fashion shoes collection. Shoes with a good price / quality ratio, where you have years of fun! The best quality shoes that should not be missing in your shoe box. MAG is the recognizable shoes brand of the 90's, which guarantees shoes that are comfortable. MAG has been back with the recognizable collection of casual women's shoes and men's shoes. We received a lot of demand for 'the shoe that goes so well'. Especially the sturdy soles are a focal point within the shoes collection. The various shoe concepts like the MPSMegamok and QueensizeWalkamok and the Sympasneaker, a neat sneaker. These are not only very fun, they are also modern and trendy shoes. Aside from the fact that the casual shoes are suitable for everyday use or, for example, as work shoes, they are also ideal as hip work shoes or hiking shoes. Walking shoes that run well and look nice too! But check out the MAG outlet, where you find discounted MAG shoes. For a nice price so! We wish you a lot of shopping pleasure!