Walking Proof

The reason that we are able to fulfill this promise is directly related to how we develop our shoes.

Focus on function is part of every new design. To us function means comfortably walking each day, the whole day. The design of the shoes seem already communicates great walking and all-day comfort. Next to this each design must have the quirky feel that characterizes MAG: a pair of MAGs s is easy to recognize. 


MAG develops all its own outsoles

This guarantees that all our designs are exclusive and distinctive and that we are able to pay extra attention to the design and quality of the outsoles. All outsoles are shaped anatomically and feel soft. We have clear and high standards regarding anti-slip, durability and wear. Most shoes have a removable insole so they are suitable for personal inlays.

The leather used is of high quality and comes from Italy, Spain and Portugal. Especially the Hunting leather is the best leather available in the market. It feels soft but at the same time it is almost indestructible. It is unsplitted and almost 3 mm thick. Using this leather makes it possible to make the shoes unlined and makes them breath naturally. In summertime you will hardly transpire and in wintertime your feet will stay warm.


Our focus on quality and the love we put in the shoes, has made sure that there is a worldwide group of loyal lovers of our brand!


 All MAGs are produced in Portugal. The materials find their origin in Italy, Spain and Portugal and comply with the European legislation in the field of environment and working conditions.

The factories are small scale and have a long artisan tradition. What makes MAG so special is the high quality products while a nonchalant and artisan look is maintained. The cooperation with the factories is long-lasting which guar antees a constant handwriting and a continue process of quality improvement.

A team of quality controllers is following the production process and ensures that the quality standards are met before they are shipped to our warehouse in the Netherlands.


This way we hope that you as a customer never will be disappointed!