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MPS 4154G Silver Wedding

Out of stock
Color: Multicolor
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Worker boot MPS 4154G has been an absolute bestseller in the MAG collection for many years. This season, it comes in a number of trendy and summery leathers. This edition in Silver Wedding has a classical flowermotive in Black/White/Grey-tones on supple nappaleather. A tough lace-up 'worker-style' boot that gives exactly what you would expect from MAG: Great walking on quirky shoes.

The supple MPS sole and soft footbed ensure endless walking. Once on, never off!

Model 4154G is suitable for the slightly more sensitive and/or wider foot/higher instep. The shoes have a thermostatic contrefort (heel reinforcement), which is slightly pinched and becomes more comfortable with wear. This ensures you have good support and are less likely to get tired. The shoe has some extra space at the front near the ball of the foot which ensures less pressure.

Within the MAG collection, this is the model with the widest fit.

Characteristics 4154G Silver Wedding

  • Made of nappa leather with a flowerprint
  • Zip on the inside
  • Removable footbed
  • Lining is chrome-free, breathable, antistatic and antibacterial
  • Available in various colours and leathers
  • FITTING: Regular to wide with extra room for forefoot¬†


Product details
SKU 4154G Silver Wedding
Color Multicolor
Fitting Wide, Normal
Removable Footbed Yes
Sole Color Amber/black
Material Leather