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Online only The only place on the planet to buy your MAG shoes.

Welcome to the official website and webshop of the shoe brand MAG!

Here you find the complete offer of MAG fashion shoes. MAG is sold exclusively online throught the official webstore. MAG shoes are known for their good price/quality ratio and will give you years of pleasure! Quality shoes that should not be missing in your shoe closet.

MAG is the recognizable shoe brand from the 90's, which guarantees shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Even today, MAG stands for great walking all day long. The collection consists of casual women shoes and men shoes with a recognizable and idiosyncratic design. The sturdy soles provide good cushioning and comfortable walking and ensure that you instantly recognize real MAGs.

MAG sells different shoe concepts such as the Megamok, Queensize, MPS, Big Moc, Hi*Britt, Lift-U-UpSympasneaker, Empress, and Feet.

In addition to being suitable for everyday use, the casual shoes are also ideal as trendy work shoes or hiking boots. Walking shoes that are comfortable to walk in and also look great! But also check out the MAG outlet, where you can find discounted MAG shoes. Great walking for a great price.

We wish you lots of shopping fun!