Corporate social and environmental responsibility are part of the soul of our brand and company. We ask ourselves daily questions like:

  • 'On which foundations do we develop new products?'
  • 'Who is producing our shoes and which companies are delivering the (raw) materials used for our products?'
  • 'How do we prevent unnecessary environmental pollution?'
  • 'And what are the working conditions of the people who produce our shoes?'

Not just the rules and laws of today but how we hope the world will develop in the next years influences our decisions.

Responsibly produced shoes

At MAG our motives are ADDED VALUE, RESPECT and COOPERATION. Our products are durable and of high quality. To ensure long term quality we seek long term relationships with our partners. This not only concerns the actual production of shoes but also the supply of raw materials, quality control, packing material and transportation.  Today and in the future innovation and collection development have to match the same criteria: YOU as an owner of a pair of MAGs must be proud on your possession!
MAG shoes are produced in Portugal. We cooperate with a few factories only so that mutual interests are large and control and overview is realizable. The leather comes from Italy, Spain or Portugal and all outsoles are produced in Portugal. All suppliers comply with the European legislation in the field of environment and working conditions. In many cases naturally tanned leathers are used to reduce pollution even further. MAG continuously works on improving her products in such a way that also on a longer term we are able to contribute to “responsibly made shoes”.   
We promise you that you can wear our shoes carefree and with peace of mind!