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MAG is a Dutch shoebrand, established in 1995. In 2020 we celebrated our 25th anniversary! MAG guarantees 'great walking on shoes with guts and character'.

The success story of MAG started in 1995 with the launch of the Megamok. This innovative shoe immediately conquered the hearts of countless people all over the world. The innovative design, moccasin construction and the fact that they walked so well caused a shock in shoe fashion. After the Megamok, new concepts like Queensize and MPS were introduced; but the typical character and soul of MAG always remained unchanged.
And guess what, MAG is back!

MAG is Back

We’ve been listening to our customers, and there have been a lot of requests for producing the iconic MAG shoes again. Quotes like ‘’the best shoes I’ve ever had’’ and ‘’beautiful shoes that I want to wear every single day’’ have inspired us. The last few years we’ve given a lot of attention to renewing the icons of the 90s. The classic MEGAMOK and MPS have been totally renewed technically. The new editions of MAGs are designed for even more quality and comfort. There has been a lot of focus on maintaining the typical MAG design and character from the early days. Next to renewing MAG classics, we have also developed completely new shoe concepts like Sympasneaker and HI*BRITT. Hi*Britt, an ode to the illustrious MAG MPS shoes from the 1990s with the characteristic 2-color robust sole. This modern interpretation has the typical MAG design with the "mirror on the nose" and fits in perfectly with the current fashion image. Characteristic for this line is the multi-purpose idea: shoes that can be worn casually, dressed as well as sporty. In spring 2022 we introduced the new concept EMPRESS, MAGs on heels. 

Great walking on shoes with guts and character

That we can fulfill the promise: 'Great walking on shoes with leve and character' is related to the way we develop our MAG shoes. In each new design the focus is on functionality. Under functionality we understand great walking, every day, all day long. If you look at a true MAG you actually see that they are designed for comfortable walking. In addition, all shoes must match the quirkiness the characterizes MAG; a shoe that you immediately recognize as an original MAG!

Made in Portugal

All MAGs are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Portugal. The materials find their origin in Italy, Spain and Portugal and comply with the European legislation in the field of environment and working conditions. The factories are small scale and have a long artisan tradition. What makes MAG so special is the high quality products while a nonchalant and artisan look is maintained. The cooperation with the factories is long-lasting which guarantees a constant handwriting and a continues process of quality improvement. A team of quality controllers is following the production process and ensures that the quality standards are met before they are shipped to our warehouse in the Netherlands.  
This way we hope that you as a customer never will be disappointed!

We hope to see you soon in our webstore!

Team MAG,

Maurice, Moya, Marjolein and Jolanda