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Collonil Carbon Pro Spray

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Collonil Carbon Pro Impregnating Spray 

What is Collonil Carbon Pro?


Collonil Carbon Pro is an innovative shoe spray. The spray makes shoes water-repellent and protects them from moisture, dirt and stains. While maintaining the breathable effect. Collonil Carbon Pro is suitable for any material and also works for jackets, bags and tents.

Collonil Carbon Pro Impregnating Spray provides waterproof protection for all materials.

How do I use Collonil Carbon Pro?

Collonil Carbon Pro should preferably be sprayed outside or in a well-ventilated area. First remove all road dirt and stains from your shoe. Then apply the 30-30-30 rule of thumb to keep your shoes as beautiful as possible. This includes:

  • Keep 30 cm distance while spraying
  • Let dry for 30 minutes
  • Repeat every 30 days

How often should I spray my shoes?

Collonil Carbon Pro works after just one spray. But to best protect your shoes, we recommend treating them again every 30 days.

Contents: 300ml

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