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Removable footbed

Looking for shoe suitable for your support insoles? All MAG shoes have a removable footbed, except the shoes from our FEET-collection. The shoes provide plenty of space to fit your personal footbed. The shoes with removable footbed from MAG are quirky and hip! In addition, MAG's sturdy shoes are very comfortable and great for long pain free walks. Often, we hear from customers that, thanks to MAG shoes with removable footbed, they are not only looking hip and trendy but that are also able to walk or workn painfree for the first time in a long time. This is because the MAG shoes are not only intended to provide enough space for your support sole or personal footbed but are developed to support you during your activities all day long. Each MAG shoe has a removable footbed, but also the standard footbeds are of high quality. All shoes come with the MAG warranty: Great walking on shoes with guts and character.

Do you also want to walk comfortably without pain on trendy MAG shoes with a removable footbed? Check out our women's shoes and men's shoes in the shop. Of course you can always contact us for more information.



How do I measure my foot


Compare MAG with your own insole

Do you have orthotics or other soles that you would like to use in your MAGs? All MAGs have removable footbeds and are suitable for your own (support) soles or podological footbeds. If you measure the length of your own footbed as indicated below, you can find which size of MAG is best. In case of doubt, it is usually best to round up.